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I have my Master/Teacher Reiki, Aura and Chakra Healer, Herbalist and Yoga Teacher, I also use crystal healing in all my sessions. Dealing mainly with Trauma and abuse, I help people overcome and make sense of trauma and grief whether it is past issues they have just faced or they happened many years previous and the energies are still blocked. The main tool I use for this is Tantric Yoga which helps us dig deep within ourselves for answers. Tantric Yoga is an ancient yoga modality and is more than just sex. Tantra is to go beyond, so compulsiveness of the body and mind does not keep us trapped in our limitations. It is about learning to use the body to deliver you to the highest possible dimension of your being.

The couples session with you and your spouse is where I guide you both through meditation, poses, breathing exercises and practices you can use at home together to bring you closer to each other. This class is designed to help release shame, fear, grief or guilt which is holding you, your spouse or maybe both of you from moving past issues in your relationship.

The singles session is a 1 on 1 class to help you get closer to yourself, become the person you were meant to be and love yourself. This class is especially good if you have suffered any sort of Trauma whether you need to release shame, fear, grief, guilt or more. We will go through the Chakras and heal using Kundalini, Tantra and Meditation.

Sign up for a moon ceremonies for both the full moon and new moons and come visit the storefront where I have Crystals, books, oils, candles and more!


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