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Wild Ivory Birth Experiences

Wild Ivory Birth Experiences

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About Us

Are you pregnant? Expecting a baby? Just had a baby?
Would you like to embrace the journey of entering motherhood with fierce confidence, wild love and feminine beauty?
Would you love to have expert personal support from an array of pregnancy, birth and parenting specialists?

Here at Wild Ivory, we offer a collective of services to help mothers and families experience this momentous time with courage, peace, joy and grace! We help ease the anxiety, uncertainty, doubt, guilt, sadness or exhaustion expecting and new mothers often feel, offering you the space and support you need to enter motherhood, gloriously.

Our Wild Ivory RN Birth Coaches, Postpartum Nurses, Nannies, Body Work Specialists and Celebration Specialists support you during your pregnancy, birth and new motherhood. We help you boost your belief in yourself and increase your confidence and capability to care for yourself and your newborn.

Contact us today for a consultation and quote.


  • Private Birth Experts Who Cater To You
  • Expert Support Through Your Entire Birth Journey
  • Uplifting Pregnant And New Mothers
  • Ease Anxiety, Uncertainty, Doubt, Fear and Exhaustion
  • Informed Choice and Advocacy For Families

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