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Mahalo Massage and Wellness

Mahalo Massage and Wellness

Health and Wellness

About Us

MAHALO Massage & Wellness is a locally owned and family-oriented clinic in St-Albert, AB. that believe in the Wellness approach to health. ?Our history in Canada began in 2003 as refugees. Through this traumatic experience, we had the pleasure to experience the therapeutic touch and wellness approach to health. We understood that physical health is not just the absence of illness. Health is about the body, emotions, feelings, experiences, culture, achievements, and struggles. We are our past, our present and our future!

It was only after 2013, and after a big change in our family dynamic, that the wellness world was presented to me. Massage therapy was the first element and since then, it's being the most amazing experience that we ever had. Learning and grow never stop. MAHALO, started as an idea in 2014, a formal project in Mars 2015, became a reality in November 2016 and open its doors in 2017.

By combining our passions, and professional experiences, we had the idea to create a new integrative model of care. A place where we can integrate technique and knowledge. A place where we are not rushing or following any agenda. A place where you feel safe, warm, and cozy. A place where everyone is welcome.

MAHALO represent our way to give back by doing our best. Also, a place where everyone feels at home, and a space where we can build together a better community. We believe that every day brings a new opportunity to be happy, to learn and to live! ?Thank you for considering us as your family wellness destination.


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